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Endless Runner X Screenshot

It’s just another endless runner, a tribute to an offline classic... or is it? It may look like the same old cycle again and again - run, jump, die, repeat - but hidden in the code is a means to elude the endless monotony of running. Endless Runner X takes the infinite runner tropes and turns them quite literally on their head. Find the secret, rise to the challenge, and escape the endless loop!



Can you discover the secret to help our hopeless hero find new meaning and possibly even a means of escape?


Spend enough time tapping the adorable running dinosaur and you’re sure to take things to a whole new level - and many more!


Prove that you are the player with the finger tapping, puzzle solving and system fighting skills to rival them all!

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Based in sunny Brisbane, Australia, TBD Game Company was formed by three friends that believe in the power of games to connect people through playful experiences and make their lives better. We are linked by a love for games, backgrounds in doctoral study, and a passion to be different and craft joyful games with tightly balanced dimensions.

Endless Runner X Screenshot

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Endless Runner X is inspired by the original Chrome Dino Game embedded in the Google Chrome browser. TBD Game Company has no affiliation with Chromium, Google or the original Chrome Dinosaur Game.

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